DIGITAL SKILLS – Classes & workshops

Competency Training (3h)


The competency training is an approximately three-hour format, the aim of which is to provide the participating small groups with skills and knowledge in a specific subject area.
The practice-oriented and interactive workshop is led by a subject matter expert who guides the participants through the learning process. Depending on the desired area of ​​expertise, the focus can be on technical skills such as programming, data analysis or machine learning. Alternatively, the focus on soft skills such as communication, leadership or teamwork is possible. In any case, the aim of the training is a better and more comprehensive understanding of the topic dealt with, which also allows a transfer to everyday work.

Competency Training (full-day)


In addition to the three-hour competency training, we also offer the option of a one-day workshop to acquire in-depth knowledge and skills in a specific subject area. It offers a more intensive learning experience than a shorter workshop and allows participants to develop a deep understanding of the chosen topic and apply their new skills and knowledge in their work.

EDIH Theme Days

The theme days of the European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIH) are a series of events organized by the European Commission to promote digital innovations in Europe. The events bring together key stakeholders, including industry experts, policymakers, and representatives from academia and research institutions.
The EDIH theme days focus on specific topics related to digital innovation, such as artificial intelligence, cyber security, or data analysis. Organized around a series of workshops, panels, and keynote presentations, the events offer participants the opportunity to engage in discussions, share their experiences and expertise and learn from others. They, therefore, offer an excellent opportunity to find out about the latest developments and to network with other interest groups in the ecosystem.

Young Talent Boot Camp

The Young Talent Boot Camp is an excellent opportunity for young professionals and students to develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their careers. The program offers a combination of curriculum and additional modules that can be tailored to the individual needs of the participant, providing a personalized and effective learning experience.

Feasibility Studies

With the feasibility studies, we offer the opportunity for established companies and start-ups to learn from each other. The start-up introduces and implements agile methods and tools in the company within the project. In return, the start-up tests its products/services at the partner company and thus receives valuable insights into the maturity of its product/service. Ideally, the collaboration enables start-ups to go to market earlier and companies to gain access to agile methods and agile work culture.

Diversity Summer School


The Diversity Summer School is a two-week program designed to empower underrepresented entrepreneurs through knowledge transfer in the areas of finance, marketing/sales, and business development. In addition, we offer a network of experts and space for exchange. This is a competitive program, see the link for details on how to apply.

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As part of the EDIH Saxony funding, you can take advantage of the free analysis of the degree of digitization of your company or public sector organization. This serves as an initial orientation and basis for further use of our more in-depth offers.